321142_655646347487_1770516267_nI grew up with photography all around me: my mother was a gifted professional photographer for 25 years and I have many memories of her gallery showcasing her work.

However I never had any desire to pick up a camera until much later in life. It simply held no interest for me. Yet, as I began traveling more frequently, I wanted a way to capture my experiences. I invested in a nice camera (a Nikon D7000) for Christmas, and took my first shots while on a few short trips across the US. It was a hobby born out of a very acute need.

Yet, as time has passed, I’ve grown to tremendously enjoy photography: the challenges it brings, the blend of technical and artistic aspects, the infusion of geometric patterns and subtle displays of math, the intensely human events it can capture. It’s an incredible medium of self-expression and allows an infinite amount of creative variation.

I certainly don’t have any aspirations of photographing professionally. I simply do it because I enjoy it. Like any hobby, I find it immensely challenging and rewarding. I hope in my pursuit, others might enjoy some of my work.

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